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Rescue: Strike Back


Strike Back: Elite Force is the #1 FPS game that allows you to build an alliance and strengthen your army against an intense enemy force in an addicting arcade shooter!Combat hordes of enemy creatures with deadly sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and state-of-the-art military gear and to enter the heat of the battlefield to save the world from the impending invasion.
Strike back at 3D enemy creatures in the sky, mutated spiders that emerge from the earth, or killer machine enemies that can destroy the entire war zone. Combat the enemy alliance by practicing quick target assault or become a silent assassin moving through darkness, finding the best vantage point for that all-important kill shot! Your assault strategy is up to you in this exciting arcade shooting game.
Strike Back: Elite Force Features:
ARCADE FPS GAMEPLAY AND EPIC 3D COMBAT- An arcade first person shooter with beautiful 3D graphics and amazing fps gameplay.- Combat enemy creatures from Mars, who have seized control of a strengthened government army and are preparing for invasion.- Combat the enemy to stop a worldwide crisis.
ALLIANCE – BUILD AN ELITE STRIKE FORCE- Alliance gameplay lets you team up in assault missions with your strike force. - Each partner comes with their own elite skills and abilities to strike the enemy.
ASSAULT THE ENEMY WITH A TEAM OF TRAINED SOLDIERS- Assault Soldier: Hank is a commando who specializes in assault rifles and grenade-throwing skills.- Machine Gunner: Jimmy uses machine guns and is an expert in healing.- Sniper: Lena uses a sniper rifle and an expert in performing the RPG kill shot.
ENEMY CREATURES PLAGUE THE BATTLEFIELD- Assault enemies: Enemy soldiers armed with assault rifles and ready to strike.- Machine enemies: Heavily-armored enemy, outfitted with powerful grenades.- Sniper enemies: Assassin soldiers with sniper rifles attack from afar and high above. - Healers: Utilize shotguns and healing skills for themselves and their partners.- Machine Drones: Flying enemies freely attack you from above. - Enemy Crabs: Bomb-carrying creatures, prone to self-destructive attacks.- War Zone Bosses inhabit the battlefield, preparing for invasion.
COMBAT USING AN ARSENAL OF KILLER WEAPONS- Strike back by equipping your team with weapons and support items.- Sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and secret weapons aid you in the war zone.- Support items like grenades, RPG, medkits and other items aid you in battle.- Assassin players can equip a Ghost Gun for additional stealth combat.
Take the fight to the battlefield and save the world with Strike Back: Elite Force!
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